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330 Watt - Complete Caravan Kit - Victron Controller and Inverter - 200AH Battery

330 Watt - Complete Caravan Kit - Victron Controller and Inverter - 200AH Battery

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This kit includes everything you need to power a caravan or off-grid cabin, including an inverter & battery.   330W of power with a 200Ah/H battery is enough to power some LED lights, a laptop, an 85L Dometic Fridge, and a TV for a couple of hours a day over the spring - autumn period  You can enter the appliances you wish to run in our LUX Solar Calculator to verify your power requirements. 

As with all LUX Solar caravan products it comes with a mono crystalline solar panel and a good quality mppt solar controller. This kitset is designed to comply with AS/NZ 5033. 

The 500W Inverter should be sufficient for most use cases, but please note that you may need a more powerful inverter if you wish to run certain high-wattage appliances (e.g. blender). 

System Includes Features

Fixed monocrystalline Solar Panel

Mono-Crystalline, 5BB PERC Panels - Solar panel and Junction Box certified by TUV to IEC 61215-1 and IEC 61215-2.  10 year mechanical warranty stationary, 5 year marine and RV warranty. 25 year power warranty 80% 

Solar controller
Victron 100/30

Victron MPPT Solar Smart Controller - rated IP43 - The kit will come with the correct controller for your panels.  

Features the Smart Solar Victron Controller with built-in Bluetooth, and an app for monitoring solar data on your phone. 

2 x LUX Solar 10 metre cables IP67, TUV certified
1 x circuit breaker The kit will come with the correctly sized fuse for your system
1 x LUX Solar Battery cable set IP67, TUV certified
2  X Set of male and female MC4 connectors IP67, TUV certified

Mounting Accessories

As required for your chosen system size.  Includes aluminum brackets and IP68 cable entry gland for getting the solar cable through the roof of your caravan or camper. 
Inverter Victron 500W Inverter
Battery 200 Ah/Hr Battery - Ritar 12V Deep Cycle AGM. 


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