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57 Watt marine flexible solar panel with EVAFLEX Solar

57 Watt Flexible Solar Panel - with EVAFLEX® -Monocrystalline - 3 Year Marine Warranty

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After years of development we now have a limited supply of our longest life flexible solar panel available for purchase with our patent pending technology, EVAFLEX®. Please contact us here  for trade or multiple panel pricing.  Available in 57, 96 and 135 watt with or without eyelets. Black and white panels available

EVAFLE panels are made from high strength fibreglass and completely waterproofed in a surround of EVA and Architectural ETFE. This prevents any possibility of de-lamination whilst also guaranteeing maximum light penetration into the solar cells.

The mono crystalline solar cells we use offer proven longevity and efficiency. 

The junction box and  MC4 solar connectors are epoxy filled, tested and certified to international standards by the German inspector TUV. International certifications include UL6703, EN50521:2008, IEC61215, IEC61730, IEC61646

Solar panel specifications.

Specifications:  57 Watt 96 Watt 135 Watt
Power (W) 57 96.88 135
Vmp (V) 19.4 17.3 15.1
Imp (A) 2.9 5.6 8.9
Voc (V) 23 20.5 17.9
Isc (A) 3.2 6.4 9.8
Weight (kg) 2 3 4
Size (mm) 1088 x 354 x 3 1128 × 544 × 3 1223 x 671 x 3
Warranty (Marine) 3 Years 3 Years 3 Years


If you would like to know the power requirements for your marine solar system or your rv solar system please contact us, use our LUX Solar calculator or read through our knowledge articles.