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330 Watt Caravan or Boat Solar Kit - SRNE Controller - Aluminum Bracket Mounts

330 Watt Caravan or Boat Solar Kit - SRNE Controller - Aluminum Bracket Mounts

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This kit includes everything you need except for an inverter & battery

We have designed this caravan solar panel kitset specifically for those that want quality on a budget. As with all LUX Solar caravan products it comes with a mono crystalline solar panel and a good quality mppt solar controller. This kitset is designed to comply with AS/NZ 5033 so you can feel pretty smug when that electrical inspector comes knocking. Note the circuit breakers should be installed in an IP20 box so you can't stick your finger in.

Not exactly what you need?  Try our LUX Solar Custom Kit Builder, allowing you to pick & mix components that are compatible with one another to create an efficient solar system.

System Includes Features

Mono-Crystalline Solar Panel

330 Black Monocrystalline Solar Panel - Jinko Cheetah PERC - 5 Busbar 

1 x SRNE MPPT Controller    MPPT, IP32, CE (European conformity), High efficiency (96%), IP68 nano-coated PCB, 3 year warranty. 

Includes Bluetooth module - enabling you to view your solar stats from your smartphone. 
1X LUX Solar 10 metre solar cables IP67, TUV certified If you need more than 5 metres between the solar panel and controller let us know
2 x NON polarised DC circuit breaker Circuit breaker. One for the solar and one for the battery
1 x LUX Solar Battery cable set This will be made to length and include ring terminals to mount direct to the battery . We recommend no more than 2 metres. to minimise voltage drop 
1  X Mounting kit with dual glands IP68 entry gland, CE.