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Marine Battery Maintenance Flexible Solar Panel System

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This kit is ideal for keeping your marine battery system maintained over the winter and summer months. It includes our latest EVAFLEX flexible solar panel so you can mount it on your bimini or your boat cover. Designed to the highest water proof standards

System Includes Features

1 x LUX Solar - flexible solar panel with EVAFLEX

FR4 fibreglass surrounded by UV resistant EVA and architectural ETFE , IP67 Junction Box certified by TUV, 3 year warranty
1 x Phocos IP68 3 stage battery charger PWM, IP68, CE (European conformity), 4 year warranty
1 x LUX Solar 10 metre cables IP67, TUV certified
1 x Inline fuse holders IP68, TUV, BUSSMAN DC Solar fuse
1 x LUX Solar Battery cable set IP67, TUV certified


If you would like to know the power requirements for your marine solar system or your caravan / RV solar system please contact us, use our LUX Solar calculator or read through our knowledge articles.

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