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Mounting Kit for Fixed Solar Panel with Cable entry - Marine and Caravan

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Heavy-duty ABS Caravan solar panel mounting kit. Use for mounting your fixed solar panel to your caravan or your boat.

Kit sets available:

Small Solar Panel Mounting Kit Large Solar Panel Mounting Kit Extra Large Solar Panel Mounting Kit
Corner mounting brackets Yes Yes Yes
Dual entry IP68 cable gland Yes Yes Yes
Side mounting brackets 180 mm long Yes No Yes

Side mounting brackets 530 mm long

No Yes Yes


Creates an air gap between the surface of your vehicle and the solar panel. This allows for cooling of the solar panel which in turn increases the panel efficiency.

Includes IP68 waterproof cable glands which carry the CE mark.

Apply to a clean surface. You will need to drill a hole through the ABS into the panel and then fix screws into the aluminium of the solar panel. You will then turn the panel over apply Sikaflex and glue the panel down.