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LUX Lite - 200 Watt 24 Volt IP67 Marine and RV Solar Panel System

LUX Lite - 200 Watt 24 Volt IP67 Marine and RV Solar Panel System

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If you are looking for the ultimate low wattage waterproof solar kit, then this is for you. This is suitable for all recreational boats and yachts. Every component is rated to IP67 or higher, meaning water and corrosion are not an issue.

This solar kit is designed so that anybody can install it. Simply follow our step-by-step guide and you will have solar in an instant. No crimping or soldering required.

 The kit includes:

System Includes Features

2 x LUX Solar 100 Watt flexible solar panel

ETFE coating, High efficiency US Sunpower cells , IP67 Junction Box certified by TUV, 2 year warranty
1 x LUX Solar LSC-250 charge controller MPPT, IP67, CE (European conformity), High efficiency (96%), 2 year warranty
2 x LUX Solar 10 metre cables IP67, TUV certified
2 x Inline fuse holders IP68, TUV, BUSSMAN DC Solar fuse
1 x LUX Solar Battery cable set IP67, TUV certified
2  X Set of male and female MC4 connectors IP67, TUV certified

If you would like to know the power requirements for your marine solar system or your caravan / RV solar system, please use our LUX Solar calculatorcontact us, or read through our knowledge articles.

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