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SRNE 30 Amp MPPT solar controller

SRNE 30 Amp MPPT solar controller

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THE SRNE MPPT solar controller range offer a quality MPPT solar controller at a good price. At LUX Solar we stock SRNE MPPT controllers ranging from 20 to 60 amps. This  covers small caravan solar systems which could be used on a toyota hiace or nissan caravan right through to larger campervan solar systems. The controllers are all IP32 so can also be used in marine solar applications where the controller is mounted in an enclosed environment. The controllers are fully programmable for and capable of charging multiple battery types. 


30 AMP MPPT Solar Controller

Battery Voltage (Volts) 12 Volt Battery 24 Volt Battery
Maximum Solar power (Watts) 400 800
Solar VMP Input Range (Volts) 17 - 75  36 -75
Maximum solar voltage (Volts) 100 Volts
Max charge current
30 Amps
Weight (kg) 2 kg
Warranty (Marine) 3 Years