About Us

LUX Solar was founded by a Kiwi electronics engineer from small town New Zealand, addicted to the outdoors and passionate about the environment.

At LUX Solar we prioritize innovative technology, high quality and longevity in our products. 

We believe there is no point in selling a solar panel that is going to fail in a few months and end up in landfill.  That is just a waste of everyone's time, money,  and the environment.  Solar panels are only "green" if they last.  That's why we rigorously vet all of our suppliers and demand perfection in all products we stock.  


Open weekdays and Saturdays by appointment only:
LUX Solar
6-8 Domain Road
Auckland 1072
New Zealand

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Wholesalers Only:
If you would like to sign up as a wholesaler and receive wholesaler pricing please fill out our wholesaler application form, suitable for electricians, marine / caravan shops, or service centres. 


Our company has already been featured in several independent review sites in the top 5 Solar Panel companies in New Zealand: