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Customizable Off-Grid Solar Kits with HPBC Solar Panels

Customizable Off-Grid Solar Kits with HPBC Solar Panels

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Solar Panels - Kit Size
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Shipping and Warranty


Shipping from $0 (Auckland central) to $29.99 (rural South Island).

Pick-Ups (Auckland only)

This item is available for pickup from our Auckland warehouse, by arrangement.


Warranty on our plug and play solar kits is provided on a "Per Component" basis - in other words, if a part (such as a panel) fails within its respective warranty period, we will replace that part. You can see product warranties on our product pages, linked below.

Monocrystalline HPBC Solar Panels

Quality, efficient, monocrystalline, HPBC Solar panels and Junction Box certified by TUV to IEC 61215-1 and IEC 61215-2. 

HPBC Technology generates more energy under higher temperatures and lower light compared to PERC busbar technology.

12 Volt Kits include one panel. 12 or 24 Volt Kits include two panels, ready to be wired together in series. 

Click here for details of our Solar Panels

Solar Controller

The kit will come with the correctly sized Victron SmartSolar Controller which includes built-in Bluetooth, and an app for monitoring solar parameters on your phone.

Can downgrade to a Victron Bluesolar controller without Bluetooth.

See details of our Controllers here

Mounting Brackets and Glands

Default option includes aluminum brackets. Can swap out for black or white ABS Brackets.

Choose a black or white IP68 cable entry gland for getting the solar cable through the roof of your caravan, camper or shed.

View more details of our mounting options

LUX Solar Cable and Battery Cable

We will ensure the thickness of the cable is optimal for your chosen solar panel/s and controller.

  • Set of 5 metre cables pre-made with MC4 Solar Connectors, ready to plug directly into your solar panels - IP67, TUV certified. If you require longer cable between your controller and panel/s, select the 10 metre option.
  • Set of 2 metre cables pre-made with battery lugs, ready to attach to your battery.
  • Clenergy Cable Clips to keep your cable tidy.
Why Cable Sizing Matters

Fuse or Circuit Breaker

The kit will come with the correctly sized fuses or circuit breakers for your system. 

If the kit includes a circuit breaker, it will come with a suitable box for mounting the circuit breakers. 

Why Circuit Protection is important


You can choose a Victron Phoenix Inverter to be included with your kit. We will premake the additional cable required to connect your inverter to your system.

You only need an inverter if you want your solar to run AC (household) appliances - e.g. Laptop / house toaster.

Choose the inverter size based on the highest-Watt appliance you want to run.  E.g. if you want to run a 900W coffee machine, you need an at least 900W inverter.  Make sure it matches your system voltage (12 or 24V)

Click here for more details of the inverter


If you require a battery, choose one of our Lithium SOK batteries to add onto your kit.

See details of our SOK batteries

Configure your perfect Solar Kit

Use our customizable kit-builder to create your ideal "Plug & Play" Installable off-grid solar kit featuring quality Victron components.  This LUX Solar kit includes everything you need to DIY install solar on your caravan, campervan, motorhome, RV, boat, yacht, marine or other off-grid solar application.  All LUX Solar kits are designed by our engineers for maximum functionality and longevity. 

Not sure which kit to buy?  Use our solar calculator to check how many watts of solar will run the appliances you need, then choose any kit over that wattage.

All kits come with a LUX Solar DIY installation manual, or you can ask your auto electrician or marine electrician to install it for you. We're happy to answer any questions!