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LUX Solar is New Zealand's premier source for caravan, marine, and off-grid solar systems. We believe that renewable energy is the future and our goal is to ensure the technology is applied in the most effective format at the most affordable price.

Our Solar Kits are fully customizable using our DIY kit-builder to perfectly meet your requirements.

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There are two types of solar system. One where you guess a solar wattage, a battery size, a cable thickness, a fuse size and join it all together and pray to the sun gods that it works. 90% of people do this. We believe that a solar system should actually meet your requirements and be sized correctly for you. Save yourself the hard work of ripping out cables, buying a new controller, trying to match your old panel with a new one that's not sold anymore and get your system design right the first time.

Our calculator will recommmend a minimum size for your solar and battery - just enter your appliances or select an example scenario:

System voltage:

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