Collection: Solar Cables, Battery Cables and Connectors

Cables are simple right? They just join two things together, Simple as that. Well yes and no, it’s important to size your cable correctly for the job. You can put a small cheap cable in and you will lose lots of power in the cable or start a fire if it's not fused.  Or just blow the budget and whack the biggest cable in. We like to get the balance right. Use a cable calculator like this cable calculator. For solar panels enter the voltage, the solar panel current and the distance to controller, aim for 3 percent voltage drop. Same with running appliances enter the voltage of the appliances, the cable length and the current. Or just buy a kitset where we have already done the calculations for you.

LUX Solar stocks the highest quality solar cables, battery cables and connectors and we have all the sizes including solar cables pre-made with battery lugs or MC4 Connectors!  All of our connection systems are rated to withstand dust and water to the IP67 standard.  At LUX Solar our connections are tested and certified to international standards by the German inspector TUV. International certifications include UL6703, EN50521:2008, IEC61215, IEC61730 and IEC61646.