Commerial Installations

Switching to solar energy has numerous benefits for different sectors, including businesses, schools, factories, stores, farms, and warehouses.

Using commercial solar systems helps cut down on electricity costs and shields against rising energy prices.

Choosing solar isn't just about saving money; it's also a commitment to being environmentally responsible. By reducing your carbon footprint, you align with environmental objectives, meeting legal requirements and showing a proactive approach. This demonstrates real actions rather than just words.

Going solar is more than just a cost-effective move. It's a way to increase sales, build customer loyalty, and demonstrate a firm commitment to sustainability. Aligning your business with the eco-friendly image of 100% pure New Zealand can enhance your reputation as a respected employer and industry leader.

To get started, you can request a free quote to understand the reasons behind transitioning to solar, exploring potential savings, environmental impacts, and long-term benefits.

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As a SEANZ Authorized Provider, LUX Solar is approved to supply and install solar systems for renewable energy loans provided by SEANZ Partners Westpac,ASB,ANZ,Kiwibank. SEANZ' strict Code of Conduct requires that SEANZ providers design and install systems according to AUS/NZ 5033 Regulations.