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Lux Solar Calculator

Use the LUX solar calculator to work out your exact power requirements for your solar system. Please provide any feedback to info@luxsolar.co.nz for any suggested improvements or for appliances you would like to be added

  1. 1. First select each appliance you wish to run
  2. 2. Adjust the power of each item if required (power rating can usually be found on a sticker on the appliance)
  3. 3. Enter the number of hours you are going to use it per day
  4. 4. Press "Calculate your System"
  5. Too hard? Select your use and we will recommend a kit  
System Voltage (Volts) Select your Appliances Power Consumption (Watts) Hours Usage per Day Recommended Product

If you have any queries about the system that has been calculated for you or you would like us to add your appliances to our database, please contact us at info@luxsolar.co.nz