Half-Cut Solar Panels

The science behind Half-Cut Panels

Solar technology is improving all the time – one of the more recent innovations now in the market is Half-cut solar panels.

In a half-cut solar panel, each solar cell is cut (“lasered”) in half.  Thus a traditional panel with 60 solar cells turns into a panel with 120 “half-cut” cells.   

So how does this improve the panel?   

  • Efficiency: When solar cells are halved, their current is halved, resistance is decreased, so cells produce a little more power.
  • Shading-resistance: Because of the way half-cells are wired, they are more resistant to partial shading of solar panels.
  • Longevity: Smaller cells reduce mechanical stress during heating and cooling each day. Half-cut cells also reduce “hot spots” in extreme temperatures, which would otherwise damage the panel.

At LUX Solar we prioritize innovative technology, high quality and longevity in our products, so we glad to provide LONGI 370W PERC Half-Cut Solar Panels for the NZ Solar Market, with more sizing options arriving over the next few months.