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Interfaces to connect Victron Products to each other

Interfaces to connect Victron Products to each other

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The VE.Direct to VE.CAN interface connects products with a VE.Direct connection to products with a VE.Can connection, so the products can communicate with each other.

The VE.Can RJ45 terminator comes in a bag of two when ordered separately. The terminators are also included with some products, for example with the CANUSB.

VE.Bus to VE.Can interface is used in Hub-1 systems with grid-feedback enabled. It interfaces between the VE.Bus system and one or more MPPT solar chargers with a VE.Can connection: the MPPT 150/70 and/or MPPT 150/85.

The Victron Energy Inverting remote on-off cable is intended for products which require active pull down of the remote control terminal to switch on, while the source signal turns high when switch on is required.

With the non inverting remote on-off cable you can switch the Victron Inverter, that is connected with the MPPT Charge Controller, on/off through the load output of the MPPT Charge Controller.

VE.Direct non inverting remote on-off cable is intended for on/off control of products with a VE.Direct interface.
(one exception: not applicable on the MPPT 75/15 and 100/15).
It will switch the product on when the source signal turns high, and switch the product off when the source signal turns low or becomes free floating.