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Marine and Caravan Aluminium Solar Panel Mounts with Cable Entry Gland

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For small panels less than 150 watts the Kit includes 4 x Aluminium mounting brackets with mounting screw and a dual cable entry Gland.

For larger panels between 150 watts to 250 watts the Kit includes 6 aluminum mounting brackets and a dual cable entry gland

For the panels greater than 250 watts we recommend two sets which include 8 aluminum mounting brackets and a dual cable entry gland

We recommend two sets of aluminum brackets for large solar panel systems

Dual cable entry, for 2.5mm2, 4mm2 and 6mm2 solar cable.  Ideal for getting the solar cable through the roof of your boat, caravan or RV.

The casing includes a groove on the underside which allows for a bead of sealant to be run in it, creating a better weatherproof seal and a nicer finish than cable entries with a flat bottom, which tend to disperse sealant out the sides. 

The glands are:

  • waterproof rated to IP68 and carry the CE Mark (European conformity). T
  • designed for cable sizes with an outside diameter of 5 - 9 mm.
  • Made from ABS casing.

A hole will be required in the roof below the gland to allow the cables through. Apply an industrial adhesive such as sikaflex 291 to hold it down and seal it against the weather.