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Marine and Caravan Solar panel Wiring kit.

Marine and Caravan Solar panel Wiring kit.

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You've purchased your solar panel and charge controller and now you just need to attach it to the roof and run your cables. Although it is not mandatory for Extra Low Voltage caravan solar systems to be inspected, they must still be made to comply with the NZ5033 standard. This kit does all the work for you. Choose a solar circuit breaker or fuse that is 1.5 - 2.4 times the short circuit current on your panel.

System Includes Features
LUX Solar 10 metre cables IP67, TUV certified
Circuit Breaker Dual pole Circuit breaker
Dual Entry Gland IP68, ABS cable entry gland


For marine solar systems with a charge controller of 20 amps or less we recommend out pre-made LUX Solar Battery cable set

If you would like to know the power requirements for your marine solar system or your caravan / RV solar system please contact us, use our LUX Solar calculator or read through our knowledge articles.

If this kit is not quite what you are after please contact us with your requirements and we can make it for you. If you have any questions or feed back on this product please feel free to contact us at info@luxsolar.co.nz .